Saturday, May 19, 2007


This week, we tried out a free sample of an art program named GeeART. We really enjoyed the animated lesson and were very happy with the subject since it was something we studied with our friends! The lesson was about how the invention of paint in a tube changed art - at the time of the Impressionists! Because the paint was easier to carry, they were able to go outside and paint.

The lesson also talked about how people have painted since the cave days and what changes have taken place. Again, we LOVED the animation. And, it has games to play, too. Then, it gives you a "test" where you can earn puzzle pieces and artist cards.

I do think it's a little expensive and we probably won't buy it (at least at this time), but I do highly recommend trying it out. What a treat!

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Sherri said...

How fun! I love to find new things like that!

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