Friday, May 11, 2007

Young Squirrels & Birds

OK, so this isn't the best place to feed the birds... and squirrels... but we've been feeding them on the spa lately so we can see them up close. It's been quite a treat as we've watched our pair of cardinals feeding each other! So sweet! And, we watched 2 baby sparrows this weekend (they were about as big as their mom, and very fluffy!) BEGGING her for food. We enjoyed watching her feed these huge babies.
And, we've been enjoying our squirrel family. (At least, we think they're a family.) Lately, we've been seeing 2 (big) babies. They are smaller than the adults, but still pretty big. They have been chasing each other in the trees and sometimes hurting each other (all in play, I guess) to the point where one of them will squeal! Then, they sometimes act very loving with each other. They're also not very afraid of us and let us get very close.
So, for the first time yesterday, we actually saw all 4 in the backyard together! If I remember correctly, the above photo is of one of our friendly "kids."


Sherri said...

Haha..our squirrels are having fun this week. Mushrooms are coming up all over the place and it is all they are eating! Come to think of it, they have been acting a bit crazy this past week...running in circles and jumping around. Haha :)!!!

Robin said...

I don't know if I mentioned, but we have been having a battle between bird families over the bird house we put up. So, yesterday we were cracking up because one of the bluebirds thought a squirrel got a wee bit too close to the bird house and, no kidding, chased that squirrel all around the forrest. It was REALLY funny! I wish I had taped it.

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