Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Meet Emma

Emma the teddy hamster joined our family on Friday. This is Alexandra's first pet that is all her own. She really is a lot of fun... especially since I learned how to shut the door to her wheel at night. She woke my up on Saturday at 6:15 - from downstairs! - running on that wheel. When I get up around 6:30, I re-open her amusement park, and boy does she run!


Sherri said...

Very cute! You are lucky that she can put her finger close to its mouth like that. The only hamster we had would bite the fool out of that finger in a heartbeat. I was so sad that it would do that because the kids just wanted to hold and cuddle it so badly...didn't happen!

Merci said...

Oh the hamster is adorable! And I didn't know you could close their wheel either! That would be a definite advantage. (Found your blog on CWO and I'm really enjoying it!) We also homeschool our 14 and 7 year old kids. :)

Robin said...

LOL! Have you seen the pictures of GB's hamster? You might as well just look at Emma, because they are twins! I can't believe Alexandra picked out the same kind of hamster as GB's... How funny is that? I hope Emma is not as shy as "Teddy" is. Every time we come into the room, he shoots off into his tunnels. He will come down if we offer him a treat of a little carrot stick. He loves those. He is also a big fan of cashews. ;-)
Alexandra, you have excellent taste in hamsters. I hope you have fun with Emma!

momof3feistykids said...

AWW! What a cutie!


Anonymous said...

Hannah loves this picture and can't wait to see you - can you bring Emma with you when you visit? Hannah typed a comment but there was an error when we tried to post it.
Love, Brenda

Anonymous said...

Hi Alex. Emma is so cute! Grandma told me about the bird watch. I can't wait to see you. See you in a few weeks!

love your cousin,

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