Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Impressionists Co-op

Last week, we did part 2 of our Impressionist's co-op with Ms. S being the teacher. We started by talking about colors and how the artists of the 1800's had to mix their own paints. We then colored some icing. (Yum!) Then, we decorated our browine canvas (which doubled as my birthday "cake" - Thanks, Ms. S & girls!!!).

Ms. S showing Alexandra how to use the icing bag.

We were doing some Impressionists and post-Impressionists Pointillism artwork.

This is Alexandra's beautiful brownie artwork of Monet's Japanese bridge and waterlilies.
Isn't it incredible!!!

Then, we worked with chalk pastels for the first time. Alexandra's "theme" for the rest of the day was teeth." (She will be losing her 2 upper teeth any day.)

We also talked about how Mary Cassatt was greatly influenced by Japanese prints. She even had her own printing press! So, we made some prints by etching into some kind of foam paper with a stylus, painting the foam paper one color, and then making a print.
This is one of my favorite types of art as everything you do turns out beautiful! Above is Alexandra's print of teeth.

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Unknown said...

This is so creative! Food -- what a wonderful way to engage kids in art! :-)
I've linked on the Mary Cassatt artist study page.

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