Thursday, March 09, 2006

The Pony Express

We've been reading lately about the Pony Express to prepare us for a field trip next week to the Pony Express Museum in Missouri.

  • Buffalo Bill and the Pony Express by Eleanor Coerr - one of my favorites
  • The First Ride: Blazing the Trail for the Pony Express by Geis - lists the riders of the first ride and where they went - I found it kind of dull, but Alexandra said she enjoyed it
  • Bronco Charlie and the Pony Exprss by Brill - we both really enjoyed this book about the youngest Pony Express Rider
  • Ride Like the Wind: A Tale of the Pony Express by Fuchs - another of my favorites & Alex's, too - tells about a rider who got shot by an Indian arrow, falls off his horse, and his horse comes back to save him
  • Pony Express! by Steven Kroll - has neat photos at the back of how mail delivery has changed over the years

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