Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Belle, Milk Duds, and a Loose Tooth

Alexandra and I went to see the off-Broadway production of Beauty and the Beast on Saturday. Belle has long been her favorite princess, so this was a special treat. (Photo is off Alexandra before the musical holding a Belle figurine she got at the Disney Princess on Ice show.)

During the intermission, we bought Milk Duds. We'd been studying chocolate and she'd never tried a Milk Dud, so we thought it was a great time to try them. Well, after we'd been sitting there for a few minutes, she started crying and I could tell her mouth hurt. It continued to hurt and that night I asked her which tooth had been hurting. She showed me and I tried wiggling it and it wiggled! She's so excited - her first loose tooth!

She told us a few months ago that if one of us is really the Tooth Fairy, we need to get our outfit, because she's about ready to start loosing teeth!

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