Thursday, March 09, 2006

Houston Livestock Show & Carnival

This week, we attended the Houston Livestock Show & Carnival for the 3rd time. We went at 2 pm and stayed until 7 pm - this was the first time we've seen the rides lit up at night.

I forgot my camera and at first I was glad that I didn't have to worry about taking pictures, and instead could just enjoy being with Alex and watching her have fun. But, then she did some neat "firsts" and I wish I could have taken some photos!

The photo above is from the following day. Alex took her white souvenier horse with pink reigns to school with her. She named her Pinky. She dressed up as a cowgirl to show Pinky for Show-and-Tell.

Some highlights of our day:

  • first time riding bumper cars!
  • first time riding a ride where it takes you to the top of a pole & drops you over & over (hmmm... not a great discreption...with I had pictures!)
  • we watched a cow get mechanically milked and heard about the process
  • saw baby chicks hatching from eggs
  • she got her finger pinched on the ride that "drops you over & over"
  • first time being 42 inches at the carnival, so she got to ride some "bigger kid" rides

Alex says her favorite part was "the rides."

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