Wednesday, April 04, 2012


I finished another book by Gloria Whelan. This was another book for probably tweens. It only took me about an hour to read it, and I learned a lot about logging history in Michigan! The book is The Wanigan: A Life on the River.

So, what is a wanigan? And what does it have to do with logging? A wanigan is a boat used in logging.

The year is 1878 and Annabel Lee's dad is now a logger. Annabel Lee and her mom move onto a wanigan where they will cook for th loggers. The loggers spend their days moving the logs towards Lake Huron. 

Annabel Lee hates life on the river and the fact that every morning, when she wakes up, she's someplace new. She wants to move back home to Detroit - into a REALL house that stays in one place. But, she must help her mom to cook for the men. And get along with the only other child on the logging trip - an irritating boy. Logging is a dangerous lifestyle, and Annabell Lee's journey is perilous. And, when they reach Lake Huron, will they have enough money to buy a real home? Or will they spend another year on the river living in a wanigan?

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