Saturday, April 14, 2012


A new Rembrandt exhibit opens at our museum tomorrow that showcases ten of his drawings and the drawings of some of his students. I think I'll go see it this week while Alex is away at camp - her school's class trip for 6th grade. (Then, I'll take her to see it later!) While looking into Rembrandt, I found a nice 30 minute video on UNC-TV:

This isn't the same exhibit I'll be seeing, but it gave me a good background on Rembrandt.

A self-portrait from Wikipedia
There is also a site called The Rembrandt Teaching Project that includes a biography, lesson plans, activities, and more! I especially like the "During His Life" page that highlights some of the other people and events that were taking place during the time of Rembrandt.

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Melissa Telling said...

I think this is the same exibit we saw at a local museum two years ago. I was kind of disappointed with it. The pictures were a lot smaller than I thought they'd be.

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