Monday, April 02, 2012

My First Art Class: Still Life

I just completed my first ever art class! It was twelve weeks - six weeks of pencil and six weeks of charcoal. Each week I was incredibly startled by what I was doing! I'd look back at the art and couldn't believe that I had drawn what I'd drawn. I had a wonderful instructor and Alex will probably take lessons with him in the fall. So, here are my "still life" drawings....

Week 1 (pencil): Several figures set out and we needed to draw in correct proportion. Then, we worked on adding shading to one of them. (By the way, my drawings are darker - for some reasons the photos all turned out too light. I have a new camera and I need to learn how to use it!)

Week 2 (pencil): This still life included a vase and some fruit (as you can hopefully see!). Again, we were supposed to sketch in everything with correct proportions and then work on adding shading to one of them (in my case, the apple!).

Week 8 (1st charcoal drawing as I missed week 7): This week we added both coal AND fabric. I found the fabric REALLY tough.

Week 9 (charcoal and white chalk): For this still life, we used brown paper and added highlights with white chalk. We also had to/got to draw a reflection in the tea pot! And, more tough!

I have a much greater appreciation for artists now! And, yes, I'd like to continue studying art, though it isn't a passion at this point. I really only drew a couple of times besides during class. We were supposed to work on our drawings throughout the week. Hmmm...


Dana said...

How fun! Your drawings look fabulous. Isn't it great to look at something you made from a blank piece of paper?

lahbluebonnet said...

My son does stuff like this at home with an art CD a friend lent to me. I wanted to practice and learn to but just don't have the time. These are really great!

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