Sunday, April 01, 2012

Book Review: Breaking Stalin's Nose (a 2012 Newbery Honor Book)

This morning I was able to read the short story of Breaking Stalin's Nose by Eugene Yelchin. It is another book about Russia, a topic I'm very interested in right now.

The book is about a young boy, Sasha Zaichik, who adores both Stalin and his father. He "feels fortunate to live in the USSR." In a letter to Stalin, he writes: "My greatest dream has always been to join the Young Soviet Pioneers - the most important step in becoming a real Communist like my dad." However, the night before the ceremony where Sasha will join the Young Pioneers, his father is arrested. Now, Sasha is torn between his love of Communism/Stalin, and his love for his father.

I recommend this book, though not as highly as some of the others I've recently read. It is the shortest book about Russia I've read recently and it has quite a few pictures, though the subject would be kind heavy for a young child.  

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