Sunday, April 29, 2012

Hemingway's Home and Cats! (Key West Excursion)

After separating from my daughter, sister, & niece, my mom & I headed to Hemingway's Home.
I was excited to see his famous polydactyl cats!!!

Here's a picture of his study which was upstairs in a little building by the pool. My favorite part was a piece of artwork that hung on the walls that showed a 'ghost' Hemingway, in his study, alongside some of his cats! The cats could 'see' him, even though he's a ghost.

Here's a tour guide, not ours, feeding one of Hemingway's cats.

The Hemingway house has approximately 50 cats, all of which carry the polydactyl gene, though only about half of them have the physical trait of having 6 toes (rather than 4 or 5). Hemingway was given a 6-toed cat by a ship's captain, and the cats are descendants of that original cat.

There's a cat cemetery on the grounds and each of Hemingway's cats are buried there. I was impressed that the guide (above - feeding the cat) said he knew the names of all 50+ cats!

And, just a self-portrait in a mirror in the gardens!

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lahbluebonnet said...

My MIL would like to visit this spot. She used to own over 20 cats and knew all their names, though I know that is a lot less than 50. I visited there one time when she had nearly 20 and they warned me to stand back when they started up the electric can openers. Once those machines started working cats appeared from everywhere beating a path to the kitchen.

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