Wednesday, April 04, 2012

My First Art Class: Immitating John Sargent Singer's Portraits

For two of our portraits (my 3rd & 4th out of 5), we copied work by the famous American portrait artist, John Sargent Singer.

This was a young looking soldier that I couldn't find a copy of online. He did look young in the painting, but I unfortunately also made him a little too feminine. It was my first attempt at a male!


And, on the left is my attempt at my 2nd male by Sargent. My skin is too 'smooth' and Sargent's portrait is looking down at us while mine is looking straight at us. Again, I felt mine turned out too feminine and, instead of shadows, it almost looks like 'my guy' is wearing eye shadow. I also had a HARD time with the hair, but ended up loving how it turned out! Not exactly like Sargent's, but a neat look ! Overall, I'm pleased with my fourth portrait!

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lahbluebonnet said...

Oh wow! These are great!

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