Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Recent School For Us

I've kind of been blogging sporadically lately. And, I decided not to keep a separate blog for nature, so I just imported those posts onto this blog. Which, by the way, was really easy to do! We're now in our 5th week of school and things are going pretty smoothly.

We used some of Jimmie's ideas for math and worked on prime numbers by making a Sieve of Eratosthenes.

We are also currently using a new math curriculum that is online. I just print it out! I enjoyed this exercise. Using these numbers, 4, 3, 2, 0, 0, & 0, Alex was supposed to make 2 different numbers that met certain criteria. For example, she was to make two 6-digit numbers that were divisible by 100. Or, two 6-digit numbers that were divisible by 10 but NOT 100. I love how this program is really making Alex think!

Here is another activity we did in math today. The exercise was about plotting on a Cartesian coordinate, which Alex is actually pretty good at. But, the exercise had students in their desks stand up if they were seated in (1, 3) for example. Well, we set up a BUNCH of WebKinz and then Alex had to tell me which animal was at a certain location. She made up a 2nd game where we threw a WebKinz and at the "class" and had to tell what location that WebKinz was at. If we got it right, that WebKinz went in our pile. We had a lot of fun.


Here's a few more items we added to our Mystery of History timeline.


Here's a project Alex did for one of her "outside" classes. They are using Story of the World 1. They were to use heiroglyphics or cuneiform and remove some words from a famous saying and replace them with one of these forms of writing. I like the quote Alex used: "They are able because they think they are able" by Virgil.

And, here's a little science Body Bingo game we printed out from Ellen J McHenry's Basement Workshop. She has some GREAT free products to download. And, she has some great looking products for sale, too!


Rhonda said...

I love the little Webkinz activity. We are Webkinz fans here too! Looks like lots of learning is going on over there.

{ jamie } said...

I'm glad you put your nature stuff here. (I can only keep up with so many blogs! And it's all a part of homeschooling, which is all a part of our "normal" days in this learning lifestyle we've chosen, right?)

The body bingo looks pretty fun. :-)

rachaelnz said...

Thanks for recommending Ellen's site, it's great!

VoodooMama said...

Wow, what cool things you're making use of in your homeschooling! I love it! I can't wait to try out some of the math stuff with George (um, even though we *are* taking a little break from math!)

Melissa Telling said...

I love Ellen J McHenry's stuff. I've used some of her math with my little ones and recently ordered her chemestry curriculum for my oldest science-loving son. (Not sure when we will fit it in. Maybe this summer.)

Robin said...

Excellent sources, once again.
One question, I peeked at your math source but didn't see explanations, do you have to provide that yourself?
The Webkins game is really cool too. We have to come up with lots of crazy ways to reproduce a class setting, huh? :-)

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