Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Family Nature Explore Club at Sims Bayou

We went to the Family Nature Explore Club's first monthly meeting this month. We had a great time!

Here's the cover of the scrapbook Alex made while we were there.

a growing pumpking

the guide said this was the last Golden Orb Weaver they've been seeing...I was surprised to see 3 baby spiders in this photo when I looked at it on the computer!

They had a lady there who was working on tagging hummingbirds. She had a cage on 2 feeders. Unfortunately, a male kept chasing them all away. So, she put up the mist net, but he just sat on top of it!
a gourd growing on a vine

The lady did end up catching 2 sparrows, though. I was surprised at how calm they were!

Alex holding the rooster, Scooter! He was an amazingly friendly rooster.

Me with Scooter.

We had a brief lesson on how to use binoculars and then went on a bird walk. We saw quite a few birds. And, a few of us saw a hawk carrying something BIG... we think it was a squirrel!


Dana Maize said...

Wow - what a great day!

Rhonda said...

That looks like an absolutely wonderful day! I love your nature adventures.

Robin said...

I love the spider pic. Now I know I've seen an orb spider before, but dag if I can remember when. That was a great shot to look at up close.
What an amazing nature center. I'm glad you guys got the opportunity.

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