Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Meet Pablo; Barb's "Extraordinary" Nature Challenge

Today, Alex found a little gecko in our house... and she's decided to keep it as a pet at least for awhile. So, meet Pablo!

We thought it was neat the Pablo, a mediteranean gecko, is almost transparent! You can see his eyes through the skin on his head. This photo seems to be focused more on Pablo's legs than his head... and the texture of his skin is really neat! (I'm not sure if you'll be able to see it in this photo or enlarge it.)

Also, Barb over at Handbook of Nature Study has issued a new nature challenge to find the "extraordinary in the ordinary" in your own backyard. Here's her challenge:

Find the Extraordinary in the Ordinary. I challenge you to find five ordinary things in your backyard or in your everyday life that you can study and learn something more about. Find something extraordinary in something you have come to think of as ordinary and usual, so usual that you may not even notice it anymore.

That sounds like a great challenge to me! So, what is "ordinary" in your backyard that you might find something extraordinary in? Alex and I have some exploring and research to do!


Dana Maize said...

Pablo is awesome! We have skinks here instead. Our backyard is rather boring, so Barb's challenge will be a good one for us. But a few things that come to mind are milkweed, bindweed, and crickets. Lots of crickets.

live4evermom said...

How neat. Cool little guy.

Rhonda said...

We have them here and Lindsay loves catching them and putting them in a glass jar to observe them. One day she was letting one out of the jar and it didn't want to get out, so she stuck her finger in the jar to "shoo" it and it bit her. She is very leery of them now.

sarah in the woods said...

Very neat! My son loves finds like this - although we don't have geckos around here.

Barb-Harmony Art Mom said...

So glad you are joining the challenge to find the extraordinary. That is one cool gecko and I loved your cicadas from yesterday too!

Thanks for leaving a comment so I could come over and see what you are up to.

Barb-Harmony Art Mom

Robin said...

Aww! Pablo is so cute. And you're right, he IS nearly transparent. That's so cool. Is it because he's immature or is it the way they are naturally?

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