Sunday, September 13, 2009

One Year After Ike

Hurricane Ike hit one year ago today. If you were following my blog then, you might remember that my husband was out of town and Alex and I drove up to my mom's in Dallas. We ended up going on a vacatioin and were gone for 2 1/2 weeks. Our street was without electricity for 8 days. Our losses included all of the food in our refrigerator & freezer, a lot of limbs off of our big ash tree in the backyard (& other limbs), and our fence. When we returned home, we found the mess above.
And this is what we did about it (and it sat there for weeks, but I understand and am grateful it eventually got picked up!).

Above is our ash tree last year.

And this year after a major trimming and time to grow again.

Part of our fence last year.

And our new fence. I love it! It is quite a bit taller and looks wonderful.
I know many people suffered much more loss than we did, including the lives of loved ones. I am grateful that our damage wasn't too costly and that, most of all, we were all safe.


live4evermom said...

Glad we haven't gotten anything this year. Last year was crazy.

Rhonda said...

I remember worrying so much about y'all last year. I am glad that there was only minimal damage for y'all and so happy that so far there has been no hurricanes to come back around. Now let's say some prayers that it stays that way.

Dana Maize said...

What a great thing to look back and see how things have recovered. Even improved! Your fence looks great!

Dana Maize said...

Just came across some before/after photos of Ike that I thought you might enjoy. When you click on the photos, you can see the current photo as opposed to what things looked like after Ike came through.

Robin said...

Oh, I love your new fence. I guess the storm was God's way of sprucing up the place.
It is nice to see the before and after pictures. :-)

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