Monday, July 28, 2008

Unplug Your Kids - Flat

This week's theme at Unplug Your Kids was "flat." I had trouble coming up with an activity, and then ran across this neat art project which is done on paper... so it is FLAT.

I found the project at The Crafty Crow which is an incredibly great, crafty site for projects to do with kids. She links back to the site where she found the idea, at MollyCoddle. So, here is how we made our FLAT, watercolor blog drawings.

To do this project, you use watercolor paints and paint different colored "blobs" on your paper. You don't try to make them look like anything - just a strange blob. And, I wish we would have done more with 2 or more colors.

Then, you look at each blob, kind of like looking at clouds, and see what it looks like to you. You use a sharpie, and complete the drawing.

A's large-nosed man

A's helicopter
my butterfly

my lady with a bow
Please join us for next week's Unplug Your Kids' theme: ROUGH. We're having so much fun with these challenges!


Gottfredsen said...

I think that they turned out beautiful. Good job. What a nice project to see their creativity.

Nature Mama said...

They turned out really great! I love the crafty crow site to, sooooo many fun ideas :) Thanks for always stopping by and leaving such nice comments :)

So Smrt said...

I never thought of doing this with watercolors! We used to do this with a line drawing. You put two or three lines on the paper then hand it to the other person, who then has to connect them into a picture. :)

Anonymous said...

They look very cool!

Sherri said...

That looks like so much fun! I saw a parrot in one of those blobs!!

Michie said...

That's a cool idea. They came out really cute!

Anonymous said...

How neat this is! I just checked out the "unplugged" site and think I'm going to incorporate these fun challenges into our school weeks! I love your flat pictures. Maybe I'll steal your idea and do this tomorrow!

Robin said...

These are so freakin' adorable! You guys are so creative!

Barb-Harmony Art Mom said...

I think this needs to go into the CM carnival....just for fun. :)

I love the creativity of it all.

Let Jamie know I asked you to submit this entry.

Barb-Harmony Art Mom

Makita said...

I love this! What a clever idea!

Leila - mommyof4 said...

What a neat project! My kids will love this! We have Flat Stanley here at home but have never done much with it. Thanks for the idea!

Kris! said...

Wow--I think my boys would have a lot of fun with this, especially if they make the blobs and then pass the paper to a brother. I wonder if all the pictures will somehow have swords in them, LOL!

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