Saturday, July 05, 2008

Twinkling Star's Friday Freebie

Makita over at Twinkling Stars has started a new weekly contest. This week's contest is this: "Share your best lesson you have learned about homeschooling. And do it in 13 words or less."

What I've learned in 13 words or less:

Have fun.
Modify curriculum.
Read inspirational blogs.
Educate yourself.
Don't compare to others.

I think most of your learning day should be fun, though there are some things the child just "has to" do. I am always researching ways to make learning more fun.

I never follow a curriculum as written. In math, we skip a lot of the problems. In history, I only do projects that I think we'll enjoy, learn from, and that won't overwhelm me. If we get halfway through a book, and we are both hating it, we put it away.

I really enjoying reading blogs and getting excited about what others are doing. I often find new ideas I "have to" try!

I'm just learning to educate myself first. Besides trying to read the classical books I mentioned earlier, I'm getting ready to re-start piano lessons!

And, most importantly (and probably hardest), is don't compare your school or your family to others. Do your best and know that each family and each school is different and God didn't make us all the same!


Anonymous said...

Honestly, I can't participate in this weeks contest because I'd simply have to steal your 13 words...exactly as they are! In other words, I couldn't have said it better myself...sounds like we've been learning a lot of the same lessons.

Robin said...

That is so well written, that I don't think I could even add to it. Your thoughts are exactly how I would have put it. And you're right, it is hard not to compare yourself to other homeschoolers, especially when they do such super-cool things like bike across the country! But we do what we can, and we know that we are doing the best things for our kids.
I thinks it's great that you are going to take up piano again. That will set a great example for Alexandra.

Rhonda said...

Great words Dana! You're such a great homeschooling mom!

Makita said...

Well said! Thanks for playing!

I'm reading the classics listed in Well-Educated Mind, as well. Perhaps we can discuss them sometime. I started with Uncle Tom's Cabin, though (still reading it as I type).


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