Monday, July 07, 2008

Prayers for My Sister

My sister was diagnosed with skin cancer a few weeks ago and will undergo surgery on Wednesday to have it removed. My family and I would appreciate your prayers.

Could you pray that the doctor removes all of the cancer, that it has not spread, that the scar will not be bad, that there will be no more cancer in her future, and for peace for my sister and our family.

And, I go in mid-August to have 3 spots looked at. Could you pray that none of those are cancer, too? I thank God for the blog-world and my blog-friends who are so willing to pray for each other.

Thank you for your prayers!


Robin said...

Well, you know you have my prayers, my friend!
I hope it all goes well for the both of you. I'll pray for the rest of your family, too. Because that's got to be awfully stressful for them also.

Rhonda said...

My prayers are both for you and your sister. Please keep us updated on the results. Big hugs.

Marjorie said...

I will keep you and your sister in my prayers. My mother and both of my sisters have had skin cancer and it is both frightening and worrisome. Peace.

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