Thursday, July 10, 2008

Meme: My Life in Six Words

Jimmie over at One Child Policy tagged me for this meme. You are supposed to write a six word memoir of your life. I actually thought of one almost immediately, but it's taken me a little while to get it posted. Here's mine:

During my life as a grown up, I tend to get strong passions that I follow for a period of time and then I move on.
In my mid to late 20's, I went CRAZY over genealogy. I was working temp jobs at the time and in between jobs, I would sometimes spend up to 8 hours a day at our genealogy library! And, I'd often stay up until early in the morning doing research. I went to a genealogy retreat during this time, and I'm sure I brought the average age way down. Most of the others were in their 60's, 70's and 80's. I think there were a few in their 40's or so. I still LOVE genealogy and would love to do more research, but I'm afraid I couldn't just do it lightly and it would consume my life. I plan to take it up again when I'm "old." Or, maybe in a few years. ;-)
At the end of that time, I went through about a year of being obsessed with the stock market. I did lots of research on stocks we should buy, etc. Thankfully, I have now left that part of our lives in my husbands hands. He's much better at it than I was.
After Alexandra was born, I got into scrapbooking. Oh, how I loved to scrapbook! The fancier the page, the better. I would spend hours on each layout. I even was one of the winners for a contest at a scrapbooking store once and got to display a different scrapbooking page every month for 6 months. It was a thrill!
Then, when Alexandra was about 3.5, I started getting passionate about her education. That is where I still am! I spend hour after hour reading blogs, reading books, researching curriculum. Again, I'm just poring myself into my passion.
Then, when I started homeschooling about 3 years ago, I got into blogging. Of course you know I'm still into that!
Then, I got into nature and photography. This is an incredible passion for me right now and I'm looking forward to sharing this with other youngsters as I start a nature/photography club this fall.
Lastly, I'm wondering if I'm developing a new passion - educating myself. I am currently reading about 6 books (and am actually getting quite frustrated as it is hard to finish a book when you start so many). I've started working out again. (I know this isn't exactly educating myself, but it is doing something for ME.) And, I re-started piano lessons YESTERDAY. Yippee! And, I can hardly tear myself away from the piano. I'm even taking a theory/ear training camp next week!

I actually have played the piano for about 30 years, so I am in no way new to this. But, I haven't played much in the past 15 years. Piano was definitely my passion as a child! I would play for hours.

I'm hoping my new teacher hasn't given me something more than I can handle. She is having me learn the First Arabesque by Debussy. It's beautiful!!! And, it's a lot harder than anything I've ever played before. I posted a YouTube video of someone else playing it. Hopefully, several months down the road (maybe even half a year down the road) I can post a video of ME playing it! I will be thrilled if I can learn it. And, I love that my teacher tells me about the composer, etc. Did you know Debussy was an Impressionist composer? I didn't even know Impressionist music existed! So, I'm off to do some research... Well, after I practice a little bit more.

Oh, and I'm supposed to tag 5 other people. If you don't do memes, just disregard. And, take as long as you like, but please leave me a comment when you're done so I can read about your life!

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Jimmie said...

Wow! What an interesting post! No wonder I enjoy your blog -- you have so many interests.

Did you know that people who continue learning new things (especially languages) into their old years rarely get Alzheimers?

Your natural curiosity and enthusiasm for life bubbles over into your homeschool and your blog!

Barb-Harmony Art Mom said...

That is one of my favorite pieces of Debussy' pretty and I listen to it all the time, ask my children. :)

I will think about completing the meme, I have a busy week but I should be able to work it in.

Glad I popped in today.

Barb-Harmony Art Mom

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