Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Flat Friend: Iraq

Yesterday I read several posts about Flat Friends because of the Unplug Your Kids "Flat" theme. This reminded me that I have some Flat Friend photos from over a year ago that I never posted. (We make our Flat Friends from the Making Friends site.)

My brother is not in the military, but he spent about a month on a military base in Iraq about a year and a half ago. He took along a Flat Friend. He didn't actually get the Flat Friend out while on base, but he did take a few photos while on the plane and at the beach (I think).

This is the tent where my brother (and Flat Friend) slept

And my brother's bunk

We were worried for my brother while he was gone and many prayers were said. Praise God that he returned safely. When we saw my brother after his return, he had put together a very neat slide show which we got to watch.

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