Sunday, July 13, 2008

More Nature Photos from Last Week's Trip

I took lots of photos on our trip last week - including LOTS of nature photos. So, I've had to narrow them down and just post a few of my favorites.

This is a male house finch - my mom started feeding/watching birds after going on a birding trip with us last year.
Mourning Dove at my mom's.
Our sweet chihuahua.
It stormed the night of Great American Backyard Campout. But we made s'mores anyway - in the broiler and they were delicious!!! The next night, Alexandra and I camped in my mom's living room in my brother's tent. (Whoops! I guess this isn't nature, though it WAS supposed to be an outdoor adventure.) (The photo is hard to see, but it is of Alexandra pushing her face in the mesh door of the tent.)
Baby Carolina Wrens at my sister-in-law's. They were in one of her planters. I believe there were 5 babies - you can see one yellow beak.
This was a day or two later. I took more photos, but they were really hard to photograph. The nest was very deep.
I went on a walk down my sister-in-law's hill by myself on the fourth. I love these shelf fungi.

I played around photographing flowers.

Isn't this a cool plant?

These tiny mayflies were all over my sister-in-law's house in the morning.

Her "yard" has LOTS of hummingbirds. She put up 2 new feeders while we were there and the hummingbird activity was amazing! I took almost 100 photos in less than half an hour. I love the silhouette of this hummingbird and feeder.

If you enlarge this photo, you'll see the hummingbird's tounge sticking out!!!

My only good photo of the male ruby throated hummingbird. My sister-in-law has 2 types of hummingbirds. I'm not sure what kind the others are.

An indigo bunting!!! I also took some photos of the male summer tanager (beautiful! and he sat and sang every night), but the sun was at a bad angle and he always came out looking really dark.

And, as we stopped for lunch on the way home, I found this large, incredible beetle at a Sonic in Oklahoma. It's a type of longhorn beetle called a Cottonwood Borer.


Makita said...

Beautiful photos! DD says, "The beetle is really interesting and really cool! We don't see beetles like that!"

jamie in rose cottage said...

Great photos. Loved seeing the baby wrens. And the house finch photo; we saw quite a lot of our daddy house finch when he was tending his brood on our front door.

Melissal89 said...

Cool photos! The longhorn beetle is amazing! We certainly do not have anything like that. And awwww, the baby birds are so sweet.


Jennifer said...

Amazing - I so want to see an Indigo Bunting. We used to have those horrid Cottonwood Borers in our backyard - they aren't so fun when they are crawling across your hammock. Ew. :)

Rhonda said...

Your nature photos are always so beautiful. I love the hummingbird ones. I am not sure where all of my little hummingbirds have gone. We have had very few here this summer and usually my backyard is full of them. I sure do miss them. :0(

Robin said...

Very cool photos, Dana!
I especially like the one with the hummingbird sticking out it's tongue. I wish I could get it enlarged!

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