Tuesday, May 20, 2008


I LOVE photography. (Have you noticed?) And, Alexandra has definitely gotten bitten by the photo-bug, too. She took several hundred pictures this week. (And, I'm planning on having her blog her own photos soon!) But, my husband was actually the first photographer in our family. He even took a class in college and he has his photos from the class - they're great! He took over the camera for a few minutes this week and captured some GREAT shots. (And, all of my photos are unedited as I don't have any software on this computer. I plan on fixing that soon!)

Here's our little chihuahua who turned 3 on the day my nephew was born. She always has yellow eyes when I photographer her. I just love this photo!

And, he took this great shot of his grandfather who was out on the deck watching for hummingbirds.

And, here's my shot of one of the hummingbirds! It needs cropped, so you might just enlarge it for now. We LOVED watching the hummingbirds. And, I picked up some books about them today to do a little study. I want some hummingbird feeders now, too!

And, a photo of my precious daughter's hands holding her little cousin. My sister-in-law has an incredible photo "spot" right by a window - the lighting is incredible! And, isn't he a precious little boy???


Rhonda said...

Dana, these were some amazing photos! The one of Alexandra's hands surrounding her new cousin was beautiful. I loved it.

Juno said...

Those photos are completely awesome! I absolutely love the picture of the hummingbird and your DH's grandfather. They are delightful!

We also have the photo bug going through our house. My kids must have taken 150 pictures of the tulips next door.

Thanks for sharing your wonderful pics.

(BTW--I just checked out Beethoven's Wig III from the library...can't wait to listen to it!)


Robin said...

Awesome pictures! You've definitely got talent, Dana!
Your nephew is so cute, I just ache to hold him. I love babies!
Get a few hugs for the rest of us!

Melissal89 said...

These are definitely really awesome photos! I especially love the one of his Grandfather and the sweet precious baby. Thanks for sharing.


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