Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Memorial Day Lapbook

I know it is a little late, but we completed a Memorial Day lapbook today. It was created by the 8-year-old daughter at Lilliput Station! And, it was quite good. Now, my daughter would like to create her own lapbook, too.

We both learned a lot about the history of Memorial Day and things related to Memorial Day. One of my favorite activities with Alexandra was learning about the song "taps." We watched several videos online.
For reference, we mainly used the True Book: Memorial Day by Ditchfield and we looked up other facts online. We also used cardstock instead of a file folder this time, and we both really liked the look.


Juno said...

My middling son learned to play Taps on his occarina. He played it while we had a flag burning ceremony camping and when our cat died. It is a hard song but one that needs to be learned.

The lapbook looks wonderful...I will have to look into it for next year.

Robin said...

Your lapbook looks great! I enjoy lapbooking with GB, but I think he's getting out of it. Keep it up with her as long as she'll let you. They're great for referring back to later. Because you know everything always gets taught again, right? Geez! I'm tired....... did that even make sense?

Kim said...

That looked so neat, what a great idea to learn more about the holiday! I wish I would have had enough forethought to get a book about Memorial Day from the library. Oh well, perhaps next year. We did read a bit about Memorial Day online and I even learned that it was initially to honor those from the Civil War. Of course, now it includes all wars, but I had no idea!!!

I love learning along side them!

Melissa Telling said...

Alexandria's lapbook turned out very nice. I think it would be a great idea for her to try making her own. If you need any ideas, you might want to check out Jimmie's lapbooking lens on Squidoo.

As I was reading your post, I saw that you had written that my daughter was eight. So, I went to my blog & checked what I had written. Yikes! I did write that! My apologies. She is actually nine and will be ten in August. I guess that was just wishful thinking. Where does the time go?

Rhonda said...

Great looking lapbook. Something I will keep in mind for next year. We were so busy for the weekend and Memorial Day that I didn't have the time. Wrapping up the end of the school year activities has kept me very busy.

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