Wednesday, May 28, 2008


On Friday, we went to the new Grossology exhibit at one of our local museums. It was so much fun! The exhibit is about all things "gross" as related to our body. Just perfect for 7-year-olds...

Here she is making "snot." She also ate some chocolate covered... something. The lady didn't tell her what she'd eaten until AFTER Alexandra ate it. What was it? A chocolate covered cricket. Did my little girl really eat that??? Yes. And, then I did, too. I thought that maybe it was harder to eat since I knew what I was eating. And, really, it just tasted like some (not so great) chocolate... with a crunch.
Here's Alexandra shooting into a nose. The thing would "sneeze" every once in awhile. I think this was teaching about the importance of the nose in keeping harmful substances, like dust and bacteria, out of your body.
Here is the "burping" guy. We had fun pumping him full of soda and making him burp. We really got the giggles from this whole crazy museum exhibit.

And, here's a very short video of Alexandra "burping." As you can see, she was having lots of fun!


Robin said...

Wow! Who knew a sweet,little girl could make a noise like that!
That exhibit was at our museum last year, but it looks like they've added a few things. It sure is a fun exhibit for kiddos!

Marsha said...

Oh that looks like so much fun! I am completely bummed that we missed it when it was in our neck of the woods.

Y'know, if you didn't care for their chocolate covered crickets, you could always make your own!

Okay, I was kidding. But it was still gross to even type out!

Rhonda said...

My girls would love it if we had something like that here! How neat. I had to laugh at Alexandra "burping." Too funny!

Leila - mommyof4 said...

How fun!! My kids would have LOVED that!

Sherri said...

How fun..I love it!!!!!

Sherry said...

That video is too cute!

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