Monday, May 12, 2008

Author Fiesta: Patricia Polacco

Cay Gibson has started a new blog called Author Fiesta. Each month, she will lead a study highlighting a children's author and/or artist. She will have pages to print and books to read.
For May, the author is Patricia Polacco. I'm so excited to be doing this study with Alexandra, because I haven't really been reading Polacco's books. Tonight, we read three of them and I found myself "tearing up" during two of them! They are beautiful stories about real people and events from her childhood. It makes me want to record some of my own stories!
I'll keep you posted and please let me know if you decide to join us on this author study!
Also, I think we'll try making some pysanky Ukranian eggs after reading "Chicken Sunday." I read someone's blog back at Easter time and they had made some beautiful eggs. If that was you, could you contact me? I need to order a kit. :-)


Carol said...

Hi! We made some pysanky(eggs) at Easter. Maybe it was our site?

This was the site I ordered our supplies from.

Cay G. said...

Thank you for the mention, Dana.
I hope you and Alexandra enjoy the Author Fiesta. :)

Melissa Telling said...

This sounds great! Thanks for letting us know. Melissa Telling

Teacher of One said...

Oh Pollacco is one of my all time favorites. What did you read? Pink and Say is wonderful but probably too much for Alexandra yet. But you should read it. Talk about tear jerker.

Melissa Telling said...

I just discovered a family reunion unit study at Homeschool Share that uses the book Lightning In a Jar that I thought you might be interested in.

It even has printables for making a lapbook.

Melissa Telling

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