Wednesday, February 07, 2007


Today we went to Alexandra's astronomy class. We were the first family there and there is a fairly long walk from the parking lot to the building. On the walk, we pass over a lake. We were surprised to find several vultures sitting in a tree nearby. We quietly walked closer as I took quite a few photos. As we got closer, the birds took off one by one. Then, we noticed more in other trees. And, finally, we saw many flying in the air near the end of the lake. I think we saw around 70 or 80 vultures! It was amazing!

I asked our teacher about them when we got to class. She confirmed they were vultures - she believes they are called black vutlures. She says they migrate through every year and arrive around November. They leave a different area when the eagles arrive for their migration. Then, when the eagles leave, the vultures return there. She says it's strange - you'll have all these vultures around for several months and then one day, they just all leave!

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