Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Home Education Resources

Alexandra and I have really been enjoying the printable games from www.homeeducationresources.com. They are priced at $2.49 each or you can buy 4 related games for $7.99. We've bought Shark Wars (from Exploring Numbers) and the whole set of both Money Skills and Multiplication & Division. We haven't tried them all yet, but here are the ones we have tried:
  • Shark Wars - Great game for learning to read large numbers. We even read facts about the different types of sharks.
  • Coin Wars - Alexandra really has been enjoying this one. She does have trouble telling quarters from nickels, so I'm not going to use thier pictures any more (the coins aren't the correct sizes, so a quarter does look about the size of a nickel.) We'll continue to play this game, but put coins in a cup and pour them out one by one instead. Great game for adding money!
  • Toy Store - We have just used this game to add coins. Alexandra loves this one - who doesn't want to buy toys?
  • Cats & Dogs - My favorite game, and Alexandra really enjoys it, too. It works on multiplication skills up to 6 x 6.
By the way, this site also has some neat worksheets that are free!

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martinbrtj said...

Thanks for the great link. Multiplication is not a big hit here, so I'm going to try that Dog and Cat game!

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