Saturday, February 24, 2007

Tadpoles: Day 1

Our frog embryos came last night!!! We were so amazed that they are so small. The literature told us that some could have hatched while in shipment, or they might hatch after we received them. Well, we have 15 eggs!!! And, 5 of those have hatched. They are so small!
Last night, we couldn't' tell for sure what anything was. But, today, you can tell the head, tail & gills of the 5 that have hatched. And, they are all (except one) still inside their yolk sac (you can see the faint circle around some of them in the photo). The 5 that have hatched wiggle occasionally. If you watch them for a few minutes, you'll see 1 or 2 wiggle.
I'm just so excited about them! (Alexandra is, too.) I was disappointed to learn that we are not supposed to release them. I honestly thought we could as they are a common type of frog. What will I do if all 15 survive???


Sherri said...

Why in the world can't you release them? Hmmm...that would be interesting to find out the answer to!
I would have been so excited to receive them as well!!!
Have fun!

Cyndi said...

This will be a fun project, we did this once (though I'm not remembering there being a chance of having 15... hmmm.) You're such a good teacher!

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