Thursday, February 22, 2007

Oil Painting Outside

We have been studying about the Impressionists and have gotten interested in oil paintings since our friend, Ms. S, exposed us to them last week. Today, Alexandra dragged (literally) her easel outside to do some painting. (By the way, it was a beautiful 80 degrees here today!!!)

She had so much fun painting and she even had me bring out the video camera to record her teaching a painting show. Today she taught us how to paint a ballerina. And, I'm again thankful that we can take our school outside and follow our desires - in this case, to paint! (I still need to go and clean the 15+ brushes she used...)

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Sherri said...

I had to smile when I saw this post this morning because, as I was looking at it, my daughter was sitting on the deck right outside my bedroom window with her pencil and drawing pad. She spent yesterday sewing anything she could and today drawing. I love the fact that she has time to do those things. When she was in the public school, there was never time for creative things like that!

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