Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Tadpoles: Day 6

We still have 5 tadpoles alive and growing! The poor little guy with the crooked tail isn't looking very good, though. We actually moved him to his own bowl and are trying to get food right near him. I'm guessing that if he can survive the tadpole stage, he should be just fine.

Today was exciting because we could see a few tadpole eyes! And, we saw a mouth, too! (One tadpole was up against the wall of the aquarium and you could see his mouth.) They are getting such fat bodies, although they're still less than an inch long. What fun!!! (You can compare their shapes from "Day 4" - their body shape has really changed!)
A funny story: We were at the park yesterday and I ran into a friend I hadn't seen in about a year. She was asking me about homeschooling as she's considering doing it herself. She asked if our school was "fun" and "hands-on" and I said "Yes!" I told her about our tadpoles and was shocked that she didn't share my enthusiasm. It truly never crossed my mind that all mommies wouldn't want to raise tadpoles! :-) Now I get it though... they're frogs, right? Is that supposed to be a boy thing??? Or gross or something? Maybe I don't get it... I love frogs!

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