Wednesday, November 08, 2006


We read a wonderful book this week called Snowflake Bentley by Martin. The book is about how Wilson A. Bentley became fascinated with snowflakes while he was a young boy and learned how to photograph them. It is a neat story with lots of "facts" sprinkled throughout the book. We've also enjoyed the book Snow Crystals by Bentley which includes lots of photos of snowflakes.

Great video: Snowflake Bentley by Weston Woods. This is a reading of the book by Martin. The reading is very good and it not only includes the animated pictures from the book, but also real video footage of "Bentley" - both an actor, and at the end, some real footage! There are also pictures of some of his snowflakes. It is just a wonderful video!

While reading about snowflakes, we also really enjoyed 2 websites where you can create your own snowflakes online - both are addictive to both young & old!

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