Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Flower Arranging

Today, Alexandra worked on her Flower Arranging badge with the girls in her Keepers group. It turned out to a beautiful day, and we were glad to be outside - both for the beautiful weather and because of the mess! The moss got all over the children!
The girls were making fall arrangements that they could use as a Thanksgiving centerpiece. They learned about focal points, accents, and fillers. They also learned some rules about how tall to make the arrangement compared to the size of your container.

With lots of things to choose from, Alexandra experimented quite a bit. But, in the end, she made an arrangement of just one type of flower - a large, red mum. All the girl's arrangements turned out very pretty. And, afterwards, they enjoyed playing in the park. Their favorite thing was the tire swing - they played on it for about 30 minutes.

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