Saturday, November 11, 2006

Pow Wow

Today we met some friends at a Pow Wow dance competition. The other girls have been studying Native Americans using the American Girl Kaya books as a basis. Their mother had even made them some Native American dresses to wear.

We watched quite a few dances of all kinds. It is neat to see the many different styles. But, it was very cold and windy in the bleachers - good thing I'd brought a blanket!

At one point, they invited everyone to come down and dance around the drummer/singers and leave money on a blanket. The moms and the girls excitedly went down to get to dance ourselves and see the "real dancers" up close.

After the dancing, we shopped a little. Alexandra got a necklace & bracelet set. One of the other girls got her hair braided and wrapped.

Our friends had to leave, and we went to visit the teepees that they had already seen. And, we bought some Indian Fry Bread to try - it was great! It's kind of like a fried tortilla, but fatter!

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