Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Model of the Solar System

A few weeks ago when Alexandra's Nana was here, we went outside and modeled the solar system. We had found a model online where you make the planets using peppercorn, acorns, etc. These actually show a pretty good representation of the comparitive size of the planets. It was neat to see both the difference between the Inner & Outer planets, and the difference between the planets and the sun - a basketball!

(Photo above is taken by Alexandra from "Mars." I'm standing by the sun aka basketball)

Then, we went outside and paced off the distance between the planets. This was also a very good model. It was amazing to see how "close" the Inner planets were to each other and to the sun - they were all within about a block. But, then we got to the Outer planets and they were much further apart. In fact, we had about 4 straight blocks before our street dead ends, and we only got through Uranus!

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