Sunday, February 19, 2006

Venus Flytrap

Last week we bought a Venus Flytrap at Lowe's. Alexandra has been interested in carnivorous plants since the first time we saw them at Lowe's about half a year ago. On this trip, I decided to let her buy one.

This coming Friday, we are supposed to go on our 2nd Nature Day with our homeschool group, although there is currently rain forcasted for that day. On this trip, we are going to be looking at carnivorous plants! We are first planning on finding some pitcher plants, and then seeing if we have time to go look for some others.

The photo above is of our new plant named "Venus." (It's a boy according to Alexandra) Today, I actually caught our first fly (it was very small and lethargic) and used tweezers to feed the fly to Venus! The leaf closest to us is the leaf that is "eating!" We are also excited to see 2 new baby leaves.

Two good books we've read about carnivorous plants are:
  • Hungry Plants by Batten - fairly long book that discusses the different types of carnivorous plants - it is good, though (it took us 3 evenings to read)
  • Fly Traps! Plants That Bite Back by Jenkins - shorter, funny book about a boy who likes carnivorous plants, but it is very educational, too

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