Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Greece & the Olympics, Part 1

Last week we started a study of Ancient Greece and the Olympics. This is kind of a dark picture, but this is Alexandra dressed up in a Disney Princess Greek tunic. I think we'll have to try this again - maybe buy a cheap, solid sheet that we can actually cut up.

Resources we've liked:
  • Hour of the Olympics, a Magic Tree House book
  • Ancient Greece and the Olympics, a Magic Tree House Research Guide
  • Count Your Way Through Greece by Porter
Unfortunately, so far we haven't found any Greek mythology books we've liked. We've tried 3 different books - one was a collection of myths and the other two were just single stories (one on the Trojan Horse & one about Medusa). I had forgotten how scary these stories are and am still hoping to find some myths that are more kid-friendly.

We have lots of things planned for Greece, so I hope I continue with more excitement than I did with China!

Also, Alexandra watched the Opening Ceremonies of the Olympics and has been watching the events every night. She is loving them!

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