Friday, February 03, 2006

George Washington Carver

(The photo is of Alexandra and "George Washington Carver" after the play.)

The reason we started studying George Washington Carver was because we had a chance to go see a play about him at a place called Interactive Theater. As the title suggests, it is an interactive play with the children getting to answer questions (Alex answered "soil" to what do we need to put in a cup before planting seeds!) and a few kids got to go on stage. We both really enjoyed it and we will definitely go back. About half of their plays are educational.

Here are the books we've been reading about George Washington Carver. What a wonderful man he was! I'm just amazed at his thirst for knowledge! I wish we all had such a passion!
  • Smart About... George Washington Carver: The Peanut Wizard by Driscoll - cute book, and informative, too, written as a book report by a student (we like this and will try more "Smart About..." books)
  • George Washington Carver What Do You See? by Benge ("Another Great Achiever" series) - this was a long book, but very good
  • A Picture Bok of George Washington Carver by Adler (one of our favoriet series)
Note: The 2nd two of these books mention a lynching which I skipped over while reading.

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