Tuesday, February 28, 2006


While we were at a museum last week, we observed a cuttlefish. We were fascinated by it and so I looked it up when we got home. As I suspected, it is closely related to the octopus & squid. (They are all cephalpods.) So, we did a very quick study on these fascinating creatures!

We made an octopus out of a hot dog, but my camera batteries are low and I guess it didn't save the photo. Last night for dessert, we made these cute little ice cream octopi. (We made them just like we had made the insect & arachnid desserts, because they were so yummy!!!)

  • See How They Grow: Sea Animals - showed several animals, including a cuttlefish, from egg to adult
  • we read several short books at the library, but I didn't write them down
  • Giant Squid: Mystery of the Deep by Dussling - wow! the squids are amazing!
  • Tentacles! Tales of the Giant Squid (Step Into Reading) by Redmond - Alexandra thought this was a little scary at first - it shows giant squids grabbing boats & people, but THEN it tells you that it isn't true, since giant squids live very deep in the ocean - it would have helped if I'd warned her!
  • How Do Octopi Eat Pizza Pie? by Time-Life for Children - only the title and one part of this math book is about Octopi, but it's a great math book! - part of a series we love

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