Friday, February 24, 2006

The Fox and the Crow

While studying Greece, I learned that Aesop was supposed to have been from Greece. So, we are going to read some of Aesop fables. Last night, I read "The Fox and the Crow." Alexandra said she knew that story as she has it on a story tape. She wanted to tell me the story, so I said, "Let me type it!"

Here is Alexandra's version of "The Fox & the Crow"

Once upon a time, there was a lovely young crow & a big, mean, mouth-watering fox.

Once they were sitting. The crow had a piece of cheese in her beak. She was sitting by a tree and a fox was right by her.

Right when she saw him, she flew up! And, then, out came the fox’s words. They were, “Oh, young little crow, I would like you to sing your most beautiful note. I’ve seen many crows before and none have came up to so black feathers and shiny black eyes.” And, then, he finally asked her, “Please, oh please won’t you sing me one beautiful note!”

The crow was so startled with these words that she opened her beak to sing & two things horrible happened. The cheese fell out of her mouth right by the fox & she made a loud “squawk!” It was horrible.

Then the fox said, “Thank you little crow. I knew that something beautiful and something I loved would come out of your mouth.” And in one gulp he swallowed the piece of cheese.

And then the young crow lied down and thought how silly she was.

The End

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