Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Finishing Up Greece

We are now finishing up our study of Greece and the Olypmics. I made Alexandra a better tunic out of an old blue sheet. She has worn this several days as she plays she is a Goddess.
We also made little "ceramic" horse toys (out of clay pressed on to pipe cleaners shaped as a horse). Unfotunately, we'd bought 2 different types of clay - one you are supposed to cook, and one you are not supposed to cook. I put our poor horses in the oven, and they melted.

We also made a chariot - riding in it is baby Jesus, from our King Cake.

Lastly, we wrote our names in Greek. It's so much easier than writing in Chinese!
Additional resources we used:
  • Hercules Disnney movie
  • Trojan Horse - A Crayola Kids movie - Alexandra LOVED this and probably watched it 6 or 7 times. They have 2 more movies, but our library doesn't carry them. I'm thinking about buying all 3.
  • read some Aesop Fables from a few different books
  • Alexander the Great, a What's Their Story? book by Langley - just a good intro to this man, but I skipped over a few sentences about death, killing, etc.
  • Androcles and the Lion by Janet Stevens - one of the few myths that wasn't too scary to read!
  • Greek Myths at http://www.starfall.com/n/level-c/greek-myths/load.htm?f
  • Adventures in Ancient Greece (Good Times Travel Agency book) by Bailey - we love these books - fun & informative - just to let you know, this one has drawings of Olympic athletes without clothes (backside only)
  • The Librarian Who Measured the Earth by Kevin Hawkes (added April 2006) - great book about the man, Eratosthenes, who measured the earth pretty accurately more than 2000 years ago - a few pages got pretty technical with angles and degrees, but besides that it was very enjoyable even for a 5-year-old

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