Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Shakespeare's Julius Caesar

Alex is studying Ancient Rome in school right now. We were reviewing for a quiz and came across Julius Caesar. She reenacted a play for me that the students had done in class. And, after she went to bed, I did a little more research that I'll be sharing with her during the next few days. (And, I can't wait until next year when we are back at home learning together!)

I enjoyed this VERY short video about The Ides of March...too bad I'm a little late posting!

I really like this paraphrase of Shakespeare's Julius Caesar. AND, you can have the paraphrase side-by-side with the original text!

Alex and I watched a BBC animated version of A Midsummer Night's Dream several years ago. Last night I watched the first of the 3 parts of Julius Caesar. (You can Google parts 2 and 3.) I plan on watching the entire movie with Alex.

I think I first came across the BBC episodes from Jimmie's Shakespeare for Children Squidoo. She also has a Hands-On Shakespeare Squidoo which I believe is where we found a link to make this 'mini Shakespeare' a few years ago. 

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liese4 said...

My girls were just introduced to the Ides of March at an acting workshop we were just at. They are still walking around saying, 'Caesar! Beware the ides of March!'

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