Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Oil Painting Lesson!!!

Yesterday we had our monthly homeschool get together with our church group. A lady who usually teaches oil painting to adults had agreed to teach our children! We had 14 kids, ages 5 to about 13, who had a painting lesson.

The children actually had 2 lessons. The first lesson was about the color wheel.

The children started by painting 3 spots of the primary colors: red, blue, and yellow. Then, they mixed those colors on their pallets to make the secondary colors: purple, orange, and green.

Then the painted the tertiary colors.

After explaining color intensity (she said their purple was close to a 10 and their yellow was about a 2), the teacher passed around a red piece of plastic. You can look through the plastic and it removes the color but lets you "see" the intensity!

Next, the teacher had everyone paint a line to the left of red and the right of green. She explained that the warm colors were on the right of the line and the cool colors were to the left of the line. She also had them paint two green circles and surround one with red and the other with blue (see upper right hand corner). It was a neat way to see how colors can affect the way other colors look!

For the second part of the lesson, several of the younger children quit and I and another mom decided to take over the empty easels. We weren't really sure what we were painting at first and I wasn't sure how my painting would turn out. This photo is "in progress."

Well, here's my finished painting! Hopefully you can tell there is water in the front and there are a few trees at sunset. I learned so much while creating this oil painting. I'll share a few tips with you on a separate post!

And, here is Alex's painting. By the way, this class lasted 2.5 hours!!! It was long, and I was exhausted! I can't believe that most of the children lasted through the entire lesson! (And, I like Alex's leaves better than mine. I wish I would have left more 'trunk'  and just put leaves at the tops of the trees. Something to remember for next time!)


live4evermom said...

Both of you did great! I can see the water in front of your trees and I like your trees. That must have been some great lesson because I'm not sure mine would come out like that in a lesson.

Jennifer said...

Awesome! How fun!

Unknown said...

That looks like so much fun. My daughter would love a class like that.

Rhonda said...

You both did such a wonderful job.

Sybille said...

I wish I could be there with my boys, what great lesson.

Robin said...

These are really amazing. What an awesome opportunity. I would love a class like that for myself. I don't know if Cade would sit through it, but I'd like it.
Both of your paintings look great!
Are you going to do another lesson or was that it?

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