Sunday, February 28, 2010

Birds of Spring Walk

Today Alex and I worked on cleaning up the garage... for 3 hours! (She did a lot more playing then cleaning, but I enjoyed her company.) It was a beautiful day with the temperature near 70 and plenty of blue skies. As we took the trash to the curb, I noticed a bunch of birds in a tree across the street and I thought they were probably Cedar Waxwings. I grabbed my camera and we ended up walking up and down our block photographing the birds amidst the new blooms of spring.

This little bird was in our tree. I noticed yellow as I saw it fly into the tree and think it might be a Yellow Rumped Warbler. (If anyone can verify this or correct me, please let me know!)

Then, I heard a familiar bird... a Red Bellied Woodpecker. Do you see all of the holes on this tree?

We noticed 5 Vultures flying around. They were circling about a block away.

When we made it across the street, we saw about 50-70 Cedar Waxwings. They are so colorful!

I had to share this shot, too, as you can see the red tip on the wing. You can also see how the tip of the tail looks like it has been dipped in yellow paint.

Then, I noticed a bird fly to my neighbor's door and land on their wreath! I couldn't see the bird, but I knew it was there. So, I took this photo, and there he is! Do you see him? He (or she) is sitting in the center of the wreath near a small white flower. I wonder if he/she is building a nest?

We see lots of White Winged Doves in our backyard, but I thought I'd "document" this dove as part of our "birds of spring" walk. I wish I knew trees and could identify what type of tree this dove is sitting in!

And, this little Downy Woodpecker is the bird we watched the longest. I was amazed at how LOUD her pecking was! And, you can actually see the little hole she was making... it is right below her beak. I'm going to be watching this tree to see if this cute little bird comes back as this is a bird we rarely see. By the way, it's a female - the males have a red patch on the back of their neck.


Rhonda said...

That little bird in the wreath was so cute! I just can't get over him landing right in it. That is just not something you see everyday.

Robin said...

We had a bird build a nest in our wreath one year. It was adorable and I kept it there long after the babies flew off. I wouldn't let my family use the door while the mama was there and I posted a sign for the UPS man. I didn't want anything to happen to those babies.
We've also had a few nests in our paper tube for the newspaper. Luckily, we have a nice carrier who obliges by bagging the paper and throwing it in the driveway.
I love your bird post. Your camera really got them nice and clear.
Sorry, I don't know what kind of bird that was, though.

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