Friday, January 01, 2010

Bald Eagles, Photographing Nature, and a Flat Tire

I was THRILLED to see bald eagles 9 TIMES in Oklahoma last week. But, unfortunately, I wasn't able to photograph any of them. The first few times I saw them, I didn't have my camera. Then, when I did, I just couldn't get a shot. But, my husband's aunt and I went out on a photographic drive...

I believe this is some type of gall. It is about the size of a golf ball. I was suprised at how thin the outer 'shell' was and that there was a fuzzy middle. Anyone know more about what this might be?

A red-bellied woodpecker

(in center- upside down) A downy woodpecker.

A junco. There are LOTS of juncos near my sister-in-laws. I don't see them in Texas and they are so cute!

A bluebird (on main trunk near center of photo).

An old bridge we cross when we go out exploring.

The "warning" on the bridge... that 8 people have died jumping from this bridge so it isn't a good idea. The bridge is over the Illinois River.

I was playing with settings on my camera and love how this photo came out. This was before we got a flat tire. Yep! We were out in the middle of nowhere and had a flat. We had just passed a farm house and we backed up a little. We ended up getting help from that house and 2 men who passed by in a truck - who happened to be cousins of the family we were talking to. Everyone was so kind and helpful. I wanted to take a photo, but thought that might be going too far. :-)

A photo my dh's aunt took of a tree stump.

And, I love this black & white photo she took of the river. I took some shots, too, but her b&w looks so much better.

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Robin said...

What nice people! That photo looks like the area is so deserted. It's lucky that you were able to find some people nearby to help you out.
I love all the nature shots!

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