Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas Day Sledding Fun!!!

We had a wonderful time playing in the snow on Christmas Day.

Alex running up the hill... ready to play!

Alex getting ready to go down the hill in her 'sled' - being pushed by a cousin.

Papa pulling Alex and her aunt on a homemade sled.

My baby in the snow! This was her first day EVER to sled!

Alex sledding... but she forgot the sled!

Alex sledding in the pool sled... it worked much better! I bet we used it 30 times or more!

Making a snow angel.

Me sledding... well, I almost made it to the bottom before flying out of the pool!

Alex and me in the pool/sled.

Yep! We wiped out, too!


Dana Maize said...

Great fun! You know, my husband used a toilet seat lid for sledding once when he was a kid - he said it went pretty fast, especially on packed snow!

Rhonda said...

Oh my goodness that looks like so much fun! I love it! I also was giggling about the comment that was made a a toilet seat for a sled. Sounds like something my husband would do. LOL!

Diane said...

The snow looks so fun. Could you send some our way. We got a dusting two nights ago, just enough to wet the appetites of kids everywhere.

Robin said...

Oh, the joy in these photos! Playing in the snow just does that for people. You just can't be in a bad mood sliding down a hill of good old white stuff.
The pool was an excellent idea. You know the people who came up with the idea of the swimming pool noodle also came up with a sled made out of the same foamy material? We saw it in use, and it's pretty good, but not as good as a nice, old fashioned saucer. Those things go FAST!

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