Saturday, December 12, 2009

Ivory Snowman

Tonight, 'we' (Alex couldn't help much with her cast on) made this cute snowman... out of Ivory soap! You can find the instructions at Craft Elf.

First, we used a cheese grater to grate the Ivory soap - it is very simple to do! (I used 2 bars, but had some left over.)

Then you add a little water at a time until you can work with the soap. Next, you make the 3 balls. It is a little difficult to make a ball. I've never worked with anything like it and don't know what to compare it to. I worked on a piece of wax paper and I also used a toothpick through the middle of the snowman for stability!

We were using supplies we had on hand, so we used food coloring for the buttons, eyes, and mouth. I just made little puddles of the food coloring on a paper plate and dipped the toothpick in it. Then I "poked' the color into place. For the nose, I mixed red & yellow food coloring, died the end of a toothpick orange, and broke off the tip of the toothpick to use as a nose.

Lastly, I cut up a sock (I used the other sock the other day to make a cover for Alex's cast. It is kind of scratchy and she now sleeps in the sock to keep from scratching herself. A handy hint from my sister-in-law!) I cut a strip of sock for the scarf and used the toe end of the sock to make a cap. I also added some soap flakes to the bottom of the snowman so he looks like he is sitting in snow.

UPDATE: This morning, the food coloring on our snowman had 'bled' and the colors were separating - for example, the blue eyes had red rings around them. If I did this craft again, I would use beads or small buttons. I think they were trying to keep the project as something you could actually use in the tub.


Angie @ Many Little Blessings said...

What a fabulous idea! Even though I know it's soap, it makes me feel a little chilly to look at it. LOL

Rhonda said...


Robin said...

What a great idea. We did something similar in our Egyptian Unit when we made the little statuettes, remember?
It does take a while to get the soap of a good mold-able consistency. But it's fun to work with and your kids hands are nice and sparkling clean when you're finished. ;-)

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