Thursday, January 07, 2010

Two Great Picture Books

We've read two great picture books this week - both of which I just pulled off the shelf and had never heard of before.

The first one is called The Champion of Children: The Story of Janusz Korczak by Tomek Bogacki which was just published in 2009. The story is about a boy who grew up in Warsaw, Poland under tsarist Russia's domination. As he watched children suffering on the streets, he determined that he would grow up and help them. He did grow up to help children by starting an orphange for Jewish children. During WWII, the Nazis relocated Korczak and his orphan children. There is much more to this amazing story... you can read and find out more! (And, it was neat to put our new 'geography knowledge' to use since now we both know where Poland is located!)

The second one is called Mack Made Movies by Don Brown. This book is about Mack Sennett, an early movie-maker. He worked in Hollywood and 'discovered' such brilliant actors as Charlie Chaplin and W. C. Fields. The book tells some of the history of filmmaking, too, which is very interesting. For instance, movie makers located in California around Hollywood because they did their filming outdoors and needed plenty of sun and plenty of sunny days! And, I got to 'introduce' my daughter to Charlie Chaplin. The YouTube clip below is a piece by Chaplin involving a police chase in a maze of mirrors.


Cindy said...

Both of these will fit into our upcoming history studies! I'll be looking for them at our library. Thanks for the recommendations!

Rhonda said...

Please visit my blog. I have nominated you for two awards. ♥

Unknown said...

I am hosting an art giveaway that you might find interesting. Stop by when you have a chance and take a peek.

Dana said...

I think my daughter would love Mack Made Movies. I'll have to see if our library has it. She loves old black and white movies.

Paula said...

Hi, I am Paula, I found your blog via Jimmie (China). I have a question on The Champion of Children by Tomek Bogacki. My daughter is 8.5 and reading like a 9-10 year old. She already read Anna Franks Diary. Would The Champion of Children be okay for her?
Many thanks, Paula (Belgium)

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