Monday, January 18, 2010


We watched one-half of the History Channel's movie, King, today. We'll try to finish it tomorrow. We were both learning so much!

We spent the afternoon at a local park and ended up playing volleyball with a dad, his 3 kids, and 2 of his neighbor's kids (3 teens, an 8yo girl - perfect for Alex, and a 5yo boy). I played for 2 hours!!! I'm SORE, but it was so much fun!!!

Alex also watched a movie we bought several years ago called Our Friend, Martin. It's a wonderful cartoon story of Martin Luther King's life. But, as a warning, there are real clips of his life AND some violent clips showing how blacks were treated during this time. So, be prepared and watch with your child! But, we have both learned a lot from this show and Alex has watched it many times.

Lastly, here is a post I made when Alex was 5 that includes some books we read about Martin Luther King when she was younger.


Rhonda said...

Sounds like a wonderful day. I missed the MLK movie. I was at a birthday party and I forgot to record it. Darn it.

aly in va said...

we TIVO'd the movie and watched about half of it too. I didn't know he had been stabbed in the chest earlier on,and how weird was that it left a cross shaped scar. From what I saw, they did a great job producing and really expanding on his life.

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